Rey Lozano Art‚Äč

Consultations and Estimates 

*There are no charges for the scheduling of a consultation to discuss the estimate and details of purchasing artwork or for scheduling a job for artwork to be completed. This can be done both over the phone and/or in person to your residence or place of business. 

*After this initial consultation, a full estimate will be emailed and/or texted to you at your contact email address or cell phone number provided.  

*Once you receive your estimate then you have the option to set up a date for the work/job to be completed.  

*A 40% deposit is due at the time of securing an appointment date to begin the job.  

*Remaining balance is due on the final day when completion of job is finished.  

*Jobs scheduled over an extended time may have a different method of payment that will be agreed to prior to giving deposit.

*Forms of payment accepted:  Visa, Master Card, Zelle, Venmo, or cash.

Phone:  954-646-2787

Email: [email protected]